German consul in Brazil arrested for the murder of her husband

The German diplomat with the rank of consul Uwe Herbert Hahn was arrested in Brazil as a possible suspect in the death of her husband, the Belgian Walter Henri Maximillen Biot, whose body was found in an apartment in the Ipanema neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro with thirty lesions that could correspond to sadomasochistic practices.

Biot, who had been married to Hahn for 23 years, has died according to the autopsy of a subarachnoid hemorrhage, head contusion, and head injury caused by blunt actionaccording to the Medical-Legal Institute of Rio de Janeiro.

The body has 30 injuries such as ecchymosis, abrasions and other wounds on the arms, legs, trunk and head, so specialists consider that they are incompatible with a fallas defended by the German diplomat.

Police spokeswoman Camila Lourenço gave the following statement:

The injuries are not typical of a fall from that height and are spread over various parts of the body, including so-called natural defense areas such as forearms, hands and legs, as well as fatal head injuries.

Most of the wounds are recent bruises, but there are signs of some old ones as well.

He stated that “the type, format and distribution of these lesions suggest a practice of sadomasochismso it is necessary to investigate more in depth”, he argued.

The suspect “is in custody for flagrant homicide,” said Lourenço. “The conclusions are based on the expert opinion. The body speaks of the circumstances of his death. There is various evidence that leads us to the conclusion that there was a violent death, “he added.

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The German diplomat notified the emergency services last Friday and assured that the Belgian had suffered a fall. She later told the agents that her husband took medication to sleep and that she used to drink a lot, almost every day.

Information: Europe Press.

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