FGR investigates possible federal crimes for mine collapse in Coahuila

The Attorney General’s Office (FGR) reported that it began the investigation procedure into possible federal crimes related to the accident in a mining well in the town of Agujita, municipality of Sabinas, Coahuila.

The corresponding work plan was developed with the tasks of field criminalistics; forensic photography; witness interviews; identity of the owner-occupants of the mine or coal pit; and identification of affected workers, according to a statement.

Likewise, the Mexican Institute of Social Security was requested to report on workers registered in the source of employment.

Information was requested from the Ministry of Economy on the concession for the exploitation of coal ore; and, if applicable, the name of the natural or legal person holding said concession.

The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare was required to provide information on inspections that have been carried out in matters of occupational safety, and the same request was also made to the local authorities.

To the Municipal Civil Protection Directorate, to report on the inspections carried out in the reference place, says the statement.

To the Undersecretary of Civil Protection of the State of Coahuila, the information on the inspections carried out in said mine.

To the Tax Administration Service, the information on the taxpayer registered as the owner or holder of said damaged mining activity.

The Federal Ministerial Police interviewed workers at the damaged well and their families. In these interviews, one of the workers provided substantial information about the dealer, the butler, as well as the owner of the land where the mine is located. Said data must be ratified through the corresponding procedures.

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The FGR announced that it is in contact with the State Public Ministry Agency, which is conducting the first inquiries.


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