LMB: There are 172 thousand pesos in fines for a fight between Diablos Rojos and Guerreros |  Video

The Mexican Baseball League (LMB) announced this Sunday the sanctions that will be applied to the players involved in the pitched brawl last Saturday, August 6, during the second game of the series between Warriors of Oaxaca and Red Devils of Mexico, in the Alfredo Harp Helu Stadium From the capital.

The fines were applied to eight players, five from Devils and three from Warriorsand add up to a total of 172 thousand pesos, Besides the suspension for some of the players involved.

Of this amount, 60,200 pesos must be paid by the three players from the Oaxaca squadwith Gabriel Lino receiving the strongest sanction with 25 thousand pesos and two games of suspension. the american Justin Byrd was punished with a game and 17 thousand 200 pesos; while, Eric Meza must pay the same amount but without suspension.

By Red Devilsmust be paid 111,800 pesos. Julian Leon and Jesus Fabela they will be out for youthree matchesincluding the postseason series, and must pay 25,800 pesos. Francisco Villegas will pay the same amount but will lose only two games.

Japhet Amador and Bruce Rondon were fined with 17,200 pesos and only the first should lose a game.

The LMBcondemned violent acts and will seek to expand the regulations so that the family atmosphere always prevails in the stadiums. In addition, he informed in a statement that the sanctions would be applied from Saturday, August 6, when the benches were emptied in the top of the seventh inning.

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