AMLO's decree confirms what was feared so much in the 4T and more |  Political Columns 08/09/2022

1. inconvenient slop. You must be very careful Mario Slim of what happens inside his party, since isolated situations, such as the history of Rachel Almanza Alvarez, they can bring more headaches than results to Morena. The woman is accused of the crime of dispossession of real estate located in Antonio Caso 104 and Antonio Caso 130, in the country’s capital, and she was elected as a counselor in the Cuauhtémoc mayor’s office. Last July 4th, Excelsior published that several people have paid the Patria Nueva organization to “separate” an apartment that, according to that organization, will be built by the Housing Institute, but, until now, everything is under discussion and the matter only has a tint of fraud. Do you want to be filled with those profiles?

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