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    This really was not seen coming James Cameron. While the house of the mouse reorganizes its calendar over and over again to marry its premieres on Disney + in the best possible way with the arrivals of its franchises, sagas and different purchases, at Paramount they have decided to return the titanic pandora with one of its most swift warriors. Welcome to the blue wars: ‘Avatar 3’ and ‘Sonic 3’ will be released on December 20, 2024.

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    The passage of the blue sega hedgehog on the big screen is anything but boring. Let us remember that, after the initial design of the character seen in the first trailer, angry hordes of netizens forced the studio to rethink the physiognomy of its lightning-fast protagonist and, after an expensive sheet metal and paint process, ‘Sonic, the movie’ (Jeff Fowler, 2020) slipped into the positive side of our list of the 25 best (and worst) adaptations of video games to the cinema.

    a relatively warm critical and public reception surprised everyone by presenting itself as a solvent adventure film that, despite its formulaic proposal, knew how to use its smug patterns to entertain, which is already more than what ‘Uncharted’ (Ruben Fleischer, 2022) recently achieved.

    The move was repeated with its sequel, ‘Sonic 2: The Movie’ (Jeff Fowler, 2022)and Paramount Pictures did not take long to confirm a third installment, ‘Sonic 3: The Movie’ (Jeff Fowler, 2024) that, now, will face a real behemoth at the box office.

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    The fandom of ‘Avatar’ (James Cameron, 2009) has been waiting for more than a decade for its universe to expand but, when this begins to happen, they will receive a quadruple ration per batch.

    The highest grossing film in history (the second if we adjust for inflation), will have its first sequel this December with the premiere of ‘Avatar: The Sense of Water’ (James Cameron, 2022), in which Sam Worthington will return as Jake Sully, Zoe Saldana as Neytiri, and Sigourney Weaver as Dr. Grace Augustine. but, if there is a surprising return, it is that of Stephen Lang as General Miles Quaritch, the villain from the first installment.

    to this title will be followed by the day of the hedgehog ‘Avatar 3’ (James Cameron, 2024) and, while waiting for ‘Avatar 4’ (James Cameron, 2026) and ‘Avatar 5’ (James Cameron, 2028) to also have to deal with the great champion in red shoes, it’s time to take matched in the strangest battle of the future box office, a meeting that, like almost everything that is happening to us lately, could not have been dreamed of even by the most ironic, daring and imaginative team of Hollywood screenwriters. Which one do you prefer?

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