CDMX increases 'My scholarship to start' and support for supplies and uniforms;  knows amounts and dates to receive them

Mexico City authorities reported a increase in scholarships and support for preschool, primary and secondary studentsas well as the members of the Multiple Attention Centers (CAM).

At a press conference, the Head of Government, Claudia Sheinbaum, detailed that in the case of “Well-being for Girls and Boys. My Scholarship to Start ”was made an increase of close to 25%, which, she said, is possible thanks to the timely payment that citizens make of their taxes.

“It is a very important effort that we are making, what we want is that the inflation that is being experienced, in reality the increase really corresponds to an increase in real terms and not only nominal increases,” he added.

The undersecretary of Education of Mexico City, Uladimir Valdez Pereznuñez, explained that more than 5,400 million pesos will be invested for this program.

We share with you the amounts that minors will receive through their parents or guardians by school level in Mexico City.

“Well-being for Girls and Boys. My Scholarship to Start”

Amount: 500 pesos for preschool students; 550 pesos in primary and secondary; and 600 pesos for Multiple Attention Centers (CAM).

Deposit date: As of September 1.

“School Uniforms and Supplies”

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Amount: 870 pesos for preschool; 1,000 pesos for primary, and 10,050 pesos for Multiple Attention Centers (CAM).

Deposit date: As of August 15.

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