CNDH asks to eradicate the marginalization and exclusion of indigenous peoples

Within the framework of the International Day of Indigenous Peoples, the National Human Rights Commission (CNDH) expressed its concern about the dynamics of “poverty, exclusion, inequality and marginalization that this sector of the population continues to suffer.”

Through a statement they pointed out that this circumstance prevents the indigenous peoples and communities of Mexico can effectively access their rights, despite being recognized at the constitutional level.

“The native peoples of Mexico continue to be the object of practices of structural discrimination that limit their full access to health protection, to good nutrition, to enjoying decent housing, to impartial and expeditious justice services, as well as to enjoying – without any limitation – all the benefits, programs and actions that the State exempts Mexican society,” said the autonomous body.

The Commission stated that the challenge remains to establish “a new relationship with indigenous peoples based on respect and dignified treatment in substantive conditions of equality, inclusiondevelopment, education and access to justice”.

According to data from the National Institute of Indigenous Languages ​​of Mexico, there are currently 43,276 localities, where 68 are spoken. indigenous languages with 364 linguistic variants, of which 60 are at risk of disappearing.

In this sense, the CNDH made a urgent call for the Mexican State establish a new pact with the indigenous peoples, place interculturality as a State policy and, in this way, consolidate Mexico as a multiethnic and multicultural nation.

“Indigenous rights require defense and protection based on cultural diversity and plurality, but at the same time, taking into account the historical specificity of each people and community, in order to make visible situations that allow them to participate and make decisions. about the course they want to follow for the good life and the full satisfaction of their rights as peopleindigenous peoples and communities”, stated the CNDH.

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