Joe Biden and White House did not know about raid on Trump's house, says spokeswoman

US President Joe Bidenwas not given advance notice of a raid on former President Donald Trump’s home in Florida, the White House said Tuesday, stressing that the Justice Department conducts its investigations independently.

“The president was not briefed, he was not aware,” White House spokeswoman Karine Jean-Pierre told reporters. She stated that the President found out about the operation through press reports.

No one in the White House was notified.

At a press conference, he said that the Justice Department’s investigations are independent and therefore it would be inappropriate to issue any opinion on the work carried out by prosecutors.

The White House spokeswoman said that the president trusts the institutions of justice, including their independence and commitment so that their work is not linked to political currents.

Journalist Jesús Esquivel reported that the FBI searched Trump’s house to extract documents with intelligence information that he allegedly illegally removed from the White House.

He claimed that the former president accused the Democrats of plotting against him. He detailed that in September he could announce his candidacy as president of the Republican party. He clarified that if he is found to have committed any illegality, he would be barred from seeking any elective office.

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