Armie Hammer (Mostly) a No-Show in New 'Death on the Nile' Trailer (Video)

“House of Hammer,” the discovery+ docuseries chronicling allegations by women against actor Armie Hammer and the troubled history of the Hammer family are explored in the new trailer for the show, which dropped on Wednesday.

In March 2021, a woman accused the actor of sexual assault and of banging her head against a wall back in 2017. The actor’s lawyer denied the accusations, saying all of Hammer’s sexual encounters were “completely consensual.”

The trailer features two women who said they were involved with the actor. A lawyer for Hammer didn’t immediately respond to TheWrap’s request for comment about the allegations in the trailer.

Here is the logline for the series: “Hammer’s meteoric rise to fame came crashing down as victims came forward with disturbing stories of bondage, cannibalism fantasies, branding and that was just the beginning. The rape and abuse allegations brought against Armie Hammer in 2021 shocked Hollywood insiders and fans across the globe. This docuseries begins in 2020 at the peak of Hammer’s rise to fame. Featuring exclusive revelations from Armie’s aunt, Casey Hammer, and multiple survivors of Armie’s alleged abuse, the docuseries brings to light the dark secrets — ranging from accusations of violence and abuse to political manipulation and financial fraud — hidden within one of America’s most prominent families.

“Each episode will shine a light on a depraved pattern of abuse that extends far beyond the accusations brought against the disgraced actor. Coupled with a trove of incredible archival footage, ‘House of Hammer’ weaves together a chilling story of the dysfunction and wickedness that grow after decades of power and money,” per the streamer.

“The accusations of rape and abuse brought against Armie Hammer in the last few years are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to the Hammer family. With ‘House of Hammer,’ we witness truly disturbing details and sinister secrets that money and power couldn’t hide forever,” Jason Sarlanis, president of Crime and Investigative Content, Linear and Streaming for discovery+, said in a statement. “This documentary provides an important platform for the incredibly courageous women who came forward to share their stories, and we hope their courage inspires others to continue meaningful conversations around abuse in our society.”

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The docuseries begins streaming Sept. 2 on discovery+.

“House of Hammer” is directed by Elli Hakami and Julian P. Hobbs for discovery+. Casey Hammer serves as a consultant.

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