Police kill a man armed with a knife at Charles de Gaulle airport in Paris

A man allegedly armed with a knife was killed by shots fired by French security forces at Paris-Charles de Gaulle International Airport.

Border unit agents opened fire after warning the man and that he tried to throw himself on the policemen, according to sources cited by public television.

The event took place in Terminal 2F around 8:20 in the morning (1:20 Central Mexico time).

The authorities are now working to identify the deceased person, of whom hardly any details have emerged. According to The Figaro, he did not make any claims of a terrorist nature at the time of the alleged attack.

Photo: Paris Police Prefecture

According to police sources, it could be a homeless man who threatened airport security personnel and agents who came after being warned of his behavior.

The Paris police reported in Twitter of the fact, like this: “Showing composure, the police this morning neutralized a threatening individual in possession of a knife at Roissy Charles de Gaulle airport”.

A photographer who was able to see what happened explained that the attacker was a tall, African-American man and that he lunged at the policemen brandishing a knife despite the officers’ warnings. He also said that the police killed him with a single shot.

(With information from Europe Press Y Aristegui News)


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