Anne Heche used cocaine before her car accident

More details of the strong car accident that left actress Anne Heche in a coma and with serious burns.

Although initially it was said that the famous drunk driving when he crashed his car into a house last Friday, according to TMZ the reality is another.

The news portal reported that the 53-year-old interpreter was under the influence of cocaineaccording to the report of the authorities.

“The department analyzed the blood they drew after Anne was admitted to the hospital and, in addition to cocaine, they also found fentanyl”, detailed the media about the police report.

In accordance with TMZfentanyl is sometimes used as a pain reliever in hospitals, so They need to do more tests to find out if this drug was in your body.or at the time of the accident.

In an induced coma and with artificial respiratory assistance

Regarding Heche’s health, so far there are no news, since she remains in Serious condition since the last statement from the actress’s representative, who stated that “He is in extreme critical condition.”

Regarding the event, it transpired that Anne was driving her Mini Cooper when it collided with another vehicle, a garage and then a house, causing a fire that left severe burns and today he keeps it in state of induced coma and with artificial respiratory assistance.

The actress is also well known for her relationship with Ellen DeGeneres between 1997 and 2000 and has an extensive career in the Mecca of Cinema with great successes such as six days and seven nights Y volcano.

She is mother of two childrenone the result of her marriage to Coleman Laffon and another she had with Canadian actor James Tupper.

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