INE will give 6,233 million pesos to parties in 2023;  Morena, the most benefited

The National Electoral Institute (INE) approved granting 6 thousand 233 million 510 thousand 798 pesos to national political parties for the year 2023.

In an extraordinary session, the General Council unanimously approved the administration of resources, based on the formula established in the Constitution, being the National Regeneration Movement (Brunette) the one that will get the most resources: 1,837 million 562,623.

The BREAD occupies the second place in amount of resources that they will obtain next year, with 1,101 million pesos, and the PRI in third, with 1,079 million pesos.

“The kind of financing predominantly public of political parties is one of the pillars of our electoral system and is the product of the evolution of said system from a series of reforms that, agreed upon by the political forces themselves, have been perfected and improved the conditions of legality, certainty and equity in the political contest”, declared during the session the president counselor of the INE, Lorenzo Córdova.

Counselor Ciro Murayama Rendón also defended the public financing model, and ruled out that the INE is promoting “an agreement on a whim or for the benefit of one or another political actor, but literally applying the Constitution as it happily does since this provision of public financing predominant was in the Magna Carta, back in 1996”.

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For his part, the councilor Uuc-kib Espadas Ancona, president of the Political Parties and Prerogatives Commission, recalled the historical origin of why public financing of political parties is in the law and how it has become a contribution to the democracy Mexican.

In her speech, Minister Norma De la Cruz Magaña called on the political parties to make a responsible use of resources assigned, “demonstrating that they will be used in accordance with current applicable regulations and that they comply with the functionality for which they are designated”.

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