Trump Supporters at Wisconsin Rally Say That Robin Williams' 'Man of the Year' Proves 2020 Election Fraud (Video)

Fox News “sounds more like Infowars” than ever before, according to Infowars host Owen Shroyer.

“Fox News at night sounds more like Infowars this week than ever before,” Shroyer said. “We’re in the Infowars paradigm of understanding current events, politics more so than ever before.”

Shroyer, who hosts “The War Room With Owen Shroyer,” attributed the similarity to the “raid” of Mar-a-Lago that “really that pushed the Overton window that far,” a political science term that references an acceptable, mainstream range politicians can act within.

The host sees this alignment as “a great victory” that means “the reinforcements arriving” and “the truth finally rising to the top,” despite what Shroyer calls attempts to “bully, intimidate and terrorize people from speaking the truth” from the American left.

Shroyer applauded Fox News host Tucker Carlson for “making sure the truth gets told,” saying “Thank God for the gumption that Tucker Carlson and his show has for making sure the truth gets told, even though you know some of the big sponsors, corporate ad-buyers and top execs at Fox probably don’t like them bashing the vaccine like that.”

The Infowars host concluded by calling the website “ground-breaking” and noted that “it is Infowars that’s been set for destruction.”

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Watch the whole Infowars segment at the bottom of this post.

Shroyer, who was charged in connection for the Jan. 6 Capitol riot, witnessed in founder Alex Jones’ Sandy Hook trial a couple months ago.

Last week, Jones was ordered to pay nearly $50 million in compensatory and punitive damages to a family of victims of the Sandy Hook shooting for claiming that the massacre was a hoax.

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