Morena's agreement to change the Presidency of the Legislative Commission is a farce and "one more circus": Alejandro Moreno

The PRI Alejandro Morenoaccused the Deputies of Brunette to commit farce and simulation and to be “one more circus”, after party lawmakers agreed remove him as president of the Governance Commission of the Chamber of Deputies.

“What the Morena Deputies did yesterday in the Chamber was a farce and simulation. They They don’t have the power to change. the Presidency of the Government Commission, that is the responsibility of the PRI”, he denounced through social networks.

“The country is immersed in such a great chaos of insecurity and violence, as to lose concentration in a circus more than Morena. I am not going to fall into the game of the ruling party’s assemblies,” he added on Twitter.

This Wednesday, the legislators from Morena, the Green Party and the Labor Party, without the presence of the PRI, PAN and PRDthey agreed to remove the PRI from office and install the morenista Julieta Ramírez Padilla as the new president in functions.

Subsequently, the tricolor party claimed that the call to the meeting was illegal.

Alejandro Moreno has been involved in controversy after accusations about his management as governor of Campeche and how national leader of the PRI, including alleged electoral crimes.

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Given this, the morenistas requested in July that he be removed as president of the Commission. For his part, the PRI has accused of political persecution.

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