A minor, among the 11 victims of the violence that took place in Cd. Juárez

Among the 11 people who died from the violent day that was experienced yesterday, Thursday, August 11, in Ciudad Juárez, Chihuahua, there is a minor.

At a press conference, the entity’s prosecutor, RAlberto Javier Fierro Duarteindicated that during the attacks there were 12 people injured and 11 lost their lives, two of them inside the Social Reintegration Center number 3.

The minor, detailed the prosecutor, was injured after an attack on a convenience store and later died. Authorities did not specify the minor’s age.

“We are going to have a rapprochement with the victims and of course we are going to support them,” he said.

In accordance with Iron Duarte, the fight in prison and the violent acts happened almost at the same time and it was awarded to one of the criminal groups involved in the fight inside the prison.

Ricardo Mejia BerdejaUndersecretary of Public Security of the Secretariat of Citizen Security and Protection (SSPC), reported that were members of ‘The Mexicans’ who on the outskirts of the prison began the attacks against the civilian population.

During his press conference from the National Palace, President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador iindicated that it was not only a confrontation between opposing criminal groups, but also the civilian population was attacked.

“Something that had not been presented, and hopefully it will not be repeated, because the innocent civilian population was attacked as a kind of retaliation. It was not only the confrontation between two groups, but the moment came when they began to shoot civilians, innocent people; this is the most unfortunate part of the matter,” lamented the president.

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