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And he still claimed the referee…

In the meeting between Palmeiras and Atletico Mineiro, corresponding to the Quarterfinals of the Copa Libertadores de Américaan action took place that hurts more in each repetition and that is that Danilo kicked Argentine Matías Zaracho of those typified in the penal code.

It happened at minute 27, when Zaracho made a cut in the central circle, but just as he got rid of the ball, he received a beastly plank on the support leg by Danilosanctioned in the first instance with a modest preventive card.

Later, when the Colombian referee Wilmer Roldan reviewed the play in the VAR, the evidence was overwhelming to show the red cardboard and proceed to the reading of his constitutional rights to the aggressor, who with a total disregard for life, especially that of othersHe claimed to be the victim of a monumental injustice.

In the end, palm treeswith nine men, won on penalties 6-5 over Atletico Mineiro, after equaling two goals on aggregate, and advanced to semifinals, with what keeps the dream of the three-time championship in the continental tournament.


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