Transfer of "Pochi", mascot of the Olmecs, is part of activities that bring the institution closer to society, Marina justifies

The Secretary of the Navy assured this Friday that his participation in sporting events such as the matches of the Mexican Baseball Leagueare part of the activities that allow the institution get closer to Mexican society.

“In this way, the Secretariat of the Navy-Navy of Mexico contributes to promoting sports in our country, as well as promoting and promoting socio-cultural and civic activitiesstrengthening communication, contact and coexistence with civil society”, he detailed in a statement.

The explanation of the Navy occurs before the controversy triggered after the images of “Pochi”, the mascot of the Olmec baseball team of Tabasco, descending from a helicopter of the institution on the field of the “Tumbapatos de Macuspana” stadium, for the first playoff game.

The images of the green botarga wearing the Olmec uniform while being guarded by two elements of the Mariana It went viral and generated all kinds of comments.

Among the reactions there were users who did not see a problem in that the pet used the Navy Panther helicopter, while others They questioned the use of public resources for that purpose.

For her part, Mariana explained that it is not the first time that the institution’s inputs have been used in this way. She recalled that it has happened before, during events such as the Central American and Caribbean Games, the NFL or the Formula 1 Grand Prix of Mexico.

He added that his participation in this type of event is due to requests for some Navy unit, the music and war band, as well as trained naval personnel, to be present at different sports, school and civic events, such as school graduations, commemorations and holidays.

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“In this case, an air unit participated, with an escort, war band, music band and naval personnel, who were present at a game of the Mexican Baseball League, with the intention of participating in the opening ceremony. and perform the honors to the flag, as well as singing the National Anthem“, he added.

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