Aqueduct to alleviate drought in Nuevo León is national security: AMLO

President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said that the work “El Cuchillo 2”, designed to alleviate the lack of water in the metropolitan area of ​​Nuevo León, is of national security, to “save a lot of time in bureaucratic procedures”.

In an event together with Governor Samuel García, the president announced that the contracts will be assigned by a committee made up of the federal government, the state government and a representative of the private initiative; he said that the best thing is that the decisions are made unanimously, but they will proceed to make the assignments with two votes.

The best thing would be for the three of them to decide unanimously, but since we can’t wait, with two, let’s go, and it’s assigned.

The project management reported will be carried out by the ‘military engineers’.

With this scheme they estimate to finish the work in nine months, in such a way that the metropolitan area of ​​Monterrey does not suffer another drought like this year.

At an event in Nuevo León, he asked businessmen to show solidarity with the project and present proposals to have a “reasonable profit”.

Knife 2 and its importance, in the voice of Samuel García:

-The Cuchillo II aqueduct had been forgotten for 26 years, since 1996. There was a legal possibility, but there was no political or financial will.

-Today we are very happy to sign an agreement in which we are going to halves the federation and the state.

-El Cuchillo II will supply an additional five thousand liters to the largest dam in Nuevo León.

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-It will cost 10 billion pesos.

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