Fiesta in NL: The rains came and revived the El Fraile River |  Video

Inhabitants of Montemorelos, Nuevo León, captured on video the moment in which the El Fraile River was nourished again.

It is one of the tributaries affected by the drought that the north of the country has experienced and that, in particular, intensified in the metropolitan area of ​​Nuevo León.

The video captured by Brayan Barrientos shows how the water is gaining ground on the bed, completely dry, after months without rain in the region.

In the images of Manuel Guzmán (on the cover) the tributary can be seen one day apart.

Throughout the weekend inhabitants of Nuevo León have celebrated the massive arrival of the rains to the entity.

This weekend, President López Obrador visited the entity to sign the institutional agreement that will allow the construction of the El Cuchillo 2 aqueduct.

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