NFL: Three moments that marked week one of the 2022 preseason |  Video

The NFL officially launched the preseason 2022 this Thursday with the confrontation between Giants and Patriots, and closed the day on Sunday with the Minnesota Vikings visiting the Las Vegas Raidersin a week full of pleasant surprises and a couple of tragedies.

The title fight in Pittsburgh is more even than thought

During the confrontation against the Seattle Seahawkswhere the steelmakers They imposed themselves 32-25 In the last four seconds of the match, the three quarterbacks who dispute the first place showed their best qualities.

Mitch Trubiskyformer of the chicago bearsopened by those of mike tomlin and in less than a quarter of a game it was made one touchdown, passing for 63 yards on four of seven attempted passes.

Mason Rudolphwho remained on the court for little more than Trubsky, It started in the worst way with a forced fumble that he recovered himselffor in the next play, complete a 30+ yard touchdown pass to rookie George Pickensin what was the play of the night.

rudolf finished 9/15 completions for 93 yards.

But the night was from the third on the list, the rookie of the University of Pittsburgh Kenny Pickettwho debuted with the Steelers completing 13 of 15 passes for 95 yards and two touchdownsshowing remarkable patience and precision for a novice player.

With three solid performances from his prospects, the vacancy for ownership remains open in the city of steel in what was a memorable night for the start of the new era in Pittsburgh following the departure of Ben Roethlisberger after 18 seasons with the team.

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Zac Wilson is injured but New York avoids the nightmare

The second-year quarterback left the game against the Philadelphia Eagles, due to a knee injury, after he tried to run with the ball.

In an attempt to deceive during the first quarter, Wilson ran for seven yards then slide and avoid contact. Although he was not touched by any rival, the quarterback limped to his feet and immediately left off the field in a coach’s worst nightmare during the preseason.

However, the injury to be much less serious than initially thought and everything indicates that will lose between two and four weeks, after he undergoes surgery Tuesday in Los Angeles.

Wilson, one of the young stars of the league, could have been saved from injury able to put him out of the season before it even started.

Isaac Alarcón debuted with the Cowboys for the first time in 2022

Mexican left tacklewho came to the league in 2020 as part of the nfl International Program, had his first repetitions in this preseason during the match against the Denver Broncoswho despite playing with almost only substitutes, prevailed 7-17 over Dallas.

The graduate of Tecnologico de Monterrey will be competing over the next few weeks for a place within the final list of 53 players After three seasons in the preparation team of the Lonely Star.

If his place is not specified, this could be the last participation of the Mexican lineman as part of the International Player Pathway Program after they announced that the Alarcón’s special contract would be respected for the 2022 season but without giving more details in the future.

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Despite this, Alarcón has been one of the Cowboys’ most applauded players during summer training prior to the 2022 season.

Results week 1 preseason 2022:

New York (Giants) 23-21 New England
Tennessee 10-23 Baltimore

Atlanta 27-23 Detroit
Cleveland 24-13 Jacksonville
New York (Jets) 24-21 Philadelphia
Arzona 36-23 Cincinnati
Green Bay 21-28 San Francisco

Carolina 23-21 Washington
Kansas City 14-19 Chicago
Indianapolis 24-27 Buffalo
Seattle 25-32 Pittsburgh
Miami 26-24 Tampa Bay
New Orleans 13-17 Houston
Dallas 7-17 Denver
Los Angeles (Rams) 29-22 Los Angeles (Chargers)

Minnesota 20-26 Las Vegas

(With information from NFL)

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