They launch the distress signal in networks and rescue them in the Pico del Águila

Authorities from Mexico City activated a rescue operation after the call of a group of walkers who got lost on the Pico del Águila, in Ajusco.

It was Elizabeth Camarillo who gave the alert through her personal social networks: WE ARE LOST 15 people in the peak of the eagle, please if anyone sees this message send us help we climb through it trough.

The alert call grew when he reported that he was running out of battery: Thanks to everyone we are still here I have little signal and battery, the coordinates are Long-99.073 lat 19.20752, 13 people are with me, including my 12-year-old son.

The alert call went viral and even evoked the memories of other walkers who have suffered the same problem.

It is a walking area on the outskirts of the Mexican capital, which lends itself to a good tour away from the hustle and bustle of the big city.

Soon after, the Mexico City police activated the search protocol, which ended with the successful discovery of the passers-by.

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