They reduce water supply in 12 municipalities of the CMDX;  know in which

The National Water Commission (Conagua) determined reduce the water supply in at least 12 municipalities of Mexico City as of this Monday, due to the lack of rain in the 2020, 2021 and 2022 seasons.

The lack of rain has caused the storage dams of the Cutzamala System that supply part of the drinking water supply in the Valley of Mexico have low levels.

The Mexico City Water System (Sacmex) reported that starting this Monday, August 15, there will be a reduction of 550 liters per second (l/s) in the supply of Mexico City, regarding the current volume of 8,750 l/s, for which it will remain at 8,200 l/s until further notice.

This reduction will be reflected in less pressure mainly on the mayor’s offices:

9. Magdalena Contreras

Given this, Sacmex reported that there will be 18 permanent herons and 32 additional ones enabled to reinforce the supply with pipes.

Also, 17 wells will be rehabilitated and there will be 24-hour supervision seven days a week to all wells.

There will also be an operation 200 trucks to supply water to the population for free.

Sacmex reported that in coordination with Conagua and the Government of the State of Mexico, in the coming days the Comprehensive water supply program for the Valley of Mexico.

In a statement, the organization reiterated its commitment to guarantee the right to water for citizens and made a called to make efficient use of the resource in homes and workplaces.

To request the free service of pipes with drinking water, the telephones are available 5556543210 and 5556581111 or through social networks at Twitter (@SacmexCDMX) and Facebook (CDMX Water System).

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