Entry of Leticia Ramírez to the SEP guarantees strengthening of public education: AMLO

President Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador considered that the appointment of Leticia Ramirez Anaya in front of the Secretary of Public Education guarantees the strengthening of public education in Mexico.

In his morning conference, President López Obrador stressed that theThe relationship with the teacher is excellent and noted that there have been no work stoppages or violence against educators as was the case before.

“With Leti we are going to guarantee that public education continues to be strengthened,” he said.

“I am optimistic, we are doing well, the teachers will not lack their salaries, we will continue to deliver the budgets to the societies of mothers and fathers, the new contents will come in the textbooks, it will come an increase in scholarships for students, we are already contemplating it for next year’s budget”, he said.

López Obrador stressed that so far in his six-year term 600 thousand teachers have obtained a job base, in addition to the fact that the teachers who earn the least have had increases in their salary.

The president affirmed that with his government education has a bigger budget and recalled programs like the installation of drinking fountains either encyclomediawhich sought to install electronic whiteboards in classrooms, but only served to divert funds.

“Now there is more budget than ever for education. One thing is that there is austerity and another thing is that there is no investment in education. Of course there is austerity because programs like drinking fountains are no longer allowed. there was a ccorruption equivalent to 10 billion pesos, who were supposed to put drinking fountains in all the schools, did not put drinking fountains and stole the money. Do you remember the electronic boards? Well, there wasn’t,” he said.

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Yesterday, President López Obrador presented Leticia Ramirez Anayawho serves as director of Citizen Attentionas the new secretary of Public Education in relief of delphine gomezwho will seek the government of the State of Mexico with Morena.

When presenting the new head of the SEP, the president stressed that has teacher training although he has not been working as such for more than a decade.


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