FIFA suspends India for "undue third-party interference" |  Tweet

The FIFA Council decided unanimously suspend all teams from the All India Football Federation (AIFF) “with immediate effect”, due to “undue interference by third parties”so the country will not be able to celebrate the U17 Women’s World Cup, scheduled from October 11 to 30.

As explained by the governing body of world soccer, the interference supposes “a serious infringement of the FIFA statutes.”

In his statement, he also indicated the following regarding said suspension:

The suspension will be lifted once the order to establish an administration committee to take over the functions of the AIFF’s executive committee has been repealed and the federation’s administration regains full control of its day-to-day activity.

On his decision not to allow India to continue with the organization of the U-17 World Cup, FIFA concluded:

FIFA is in permanent and constructive contact with the Indian Ministry of Youth Affairs and Sports and hopes that the case can still be resolved with a positive outcome.

still unknown which country could be the alternative to host the U-17 Women’s World Cup 2022.

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