"I think they were late";  Relatives of miners trapped in 'El Pinabete' suggested international help beforehand

foreign aid announced for the mining rescue it is a hope for the relativesbut not to see their loved ones alive, but to retrieve his remains.

So he put it out Magdalena Montelongo Pérez, sister of Jaime Montelongo Pérez, who along with nine other companions, this Tuesday celebrates 13 days trapped in a coal pit in the ‘El Pinabete’ property, in Villa de Agujita.

“It is never too late, but my fear is that they are not going to leave him buried there, that they are delivered to us, dead or alive, but that they are not going to stay there.”

The atmosphere outside the accident site is bleak., and only two of ten families remain in the place. Yesterday the rain forced them to withdraw, for the authorities there are only relatives inside the affected area.

“It makes me very sad to see, not even how at first, right, at first we had a lot of hope that they would be removed; I sat here and thought I saw my brother coming, right now you see everything uncertain, you don’t know what’s going to happen”.

For relatives, reproach that from the beginning they suggested what is now called a new strategy, it doesn’t matter anymore. The focus now is to recover his remains.

“I think it took them a while, right, to make this decision. They could have done it before.”

Photo: Magda Guardiola

“At least for now because we already had it out, but since they didn’t want helpI am not saying that the engineers here in Mexico are not prepared, but perhaps for an incident like this, the more opinions they have, the better, it does not detract from them and another of the things that, well, they They did not accept opinions or help from anyone.”

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Uncertainty prevails among families, they feel every day what happens that they are left alone.

Almost two weeks after collapse of a shaft in the ‘El Pinabete’ mineMexican authorities will contact two foreign companies to better define the actions in the rescue of the 10 people still trapped.

In his report during the press conference, the head of National Civil Protection, Laura Velázquez Alzúapointed out that contact with the two companies will take place through the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (SRE), specifically, through the coordination of the Foreign Minister Marcelo Ebrard.

The official pointed out that these are two companies, one based in Germany and one in the United States and to whom they will consult in order to “determine the actions with greater precision”.


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