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cairo saintsBrazilian kicker of the chicago bearswarned this Monday that the lawn of the Soldier Field can cause an injury due to its poor condition, according to information reported by ESPN.

I think it’s unwise that we have this grass in the league, there are great players on the teams, it would be a shame if the field becomes a problem and causes an injury to a star and puts him out of the season.

But Saints has not been the only one to express his disagreement with the situation, since JC Tretterpresident of the Professional Football Players Association (NFLPA)seconded what was pointed out by the kicker as a maintenance alert sign that has been given to the historic grid.

We clearly need to reassess what is an acceptable surface for players to compete on. We require new metrics and tests that analyze the performance and security of each field. The NFL can and should do better.

Justin Fieldssecond-year quarterback, commented that the field conditions are not different from last seasoneven accepting that it is something the team has tried to use to take advantage of rivals.

It has always been like this, we have even used the condition of the field as an advantage.

The problem is that many of the injuries that are reported throughout the season derive from Non-contact game related injuriesor, and that on many occasions they are result of poor grating conditions.

The Soldier Fieldhome of the Bears since 1971, had artificial turf until 1988, when they chose to switch to natural surface; the stadium has capacity 61,500 spectators, fewest in the league.

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Due to its longevity and insufficient maintenance work, there are already plans by the team to move to a new house in 2026.

The next game in the building will be the visit of the San Francisco 49ers, corresponding to Week 1 of the 2022 regular season, during the September 11 commemoration.

(With information from ESPN)

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