Racist acts denounced on Aeroméxico flight;  company assures that those involved refused to wear a face mask

A complaint on social networks indicated that a family was a victim of discrimination boarding a flight in Mexico City bound for Oaxaca yesterday, August 15.

According to the citizen complaint, the members of the family in question were taken off the flight for no reason and were treated badly by the airline team, who can be heard saying: “tell me, do I bring more competent personnel or Will you get out on your own, please, sir?

Meanwhile, the airline workers were rebuked by the other passengers who pointed out that it was discrimination what they were doing.

“When practically all of us were on board, an indigenous family got on board, mother, children and lastly the father… they were not even halfway up the plane when the stewardess —with a very pedantic attitude— looked at him from top to bottom as if that went to change his appearance and said: “And where are you going?” To which the man replied that they were going to the back of the plane to take their places, not as the lady asked for the family’s boarding passes, to which the man again replied that his daughter had them, who already He was in his seat,” reads the narrative shared on Twitter.

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“There was no racist act”

After the complaint, Aeroméxico assured for Aristegui News that there was no act of racism or discrimination against the family in question.

According to the airline, a family member refused to wear a mask while boarding the flight, which is prohibited.

In the discussion, the Aeroméxico social communication area pointed out, one of the stewardesses was physically assaulted by the person who refused to wear the mask.


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