'This misery is due to a lack of shame' declares Lula at the start of his electoral campaign

the president of far-right Jair Bolsonaro and his left-wing challenger Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva formally launched their campaigns this Tuesday, August 16, for the most polarized elections in Brazil in decades.

The race pits a nationalist populist with an agenda backed by Christian conservatives against a former union leader and two-term president of the country (2003-2010) who was jailed for corruption until his convictions were overturned.

Our country does not want more corruption, it wants order and prosperity“, Bolsonaro, a retired Army captain, told a crowd Tuesday afternoon in Juiz de Fora, where he was stabbed during the 2018 campaign that brought him to power.

His supporters interrupted his speech chanting “lula thief“.

Photo of Bolsonaro during the start of his campaign (Reuters)

Lula, presidential candidate of the Workers’ Party (PT), 76, nine years older than his rival, began his campaign with a stop at the gates of the Volkswagen car factory in the industrial zone of Sao Bernardo dos Campos, in the outskirts of São Paulo, where he became a union leader in the 1970s advocating better wages despite repression under the military dictatorship.

In a video posted on social media Tuesday morning, Lula said that hunger had returned to Brazil under Bolsonaro and that inflation was hitting families who cannot survive on minimum wages.

“We are going to have to work hard to rebuild this country,” he said when launching his candidacy to return to office. “I want to be president to change people’s lives again, because that way nobody can take it anymore,” he published.

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Likewise, the former president of Brazil, Lula da Silva, regretted that Bolsonaro does not have “not a single tear” for the 680,000 people who have died in Brazil as victims of Covid-19, hours after the current president also defended in his first act its management in the face of the pandemic. In addition, Lula considers the current head of state “possessed by the devil”

You are a denier. You don’t believe in science. You don’t believe in medicine“, criticized Lula da Silva, during the visit to the automobile factory of São Bernardo do Campo, in São Paulo.

Lula affirms that it was in these types of factories where he gained “political awareness” and has defended before the workers that, for them, he was “a good president of the Republic,” according to the G1 news portal.

He wants to return to the Planalto Palace so that Brazil “be respected again in the world,” Lula said. A) Yes, promises to modify the income tax and work in favor of those who have the least.

In fact, Lula got emotional at one point in his speech when talking about poverty, pointing out that this misery is not due to the lack of money in Brazil but to “lack of shame” of the ruling class, which “does not know what it is like for a citizen to beg for a plate of food from his neighbor”.

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Lula has a double-digit lead in most opinion polls for the October 2 vote, and his distance over Bolsonaro is even greater in simulations of a second round scheduled for October 30.

Photo of Lula during the start of his campaign (Reuters)

A poll conducted Monday by IPEC, formerly known as IBOPE, showed 44% voter support for Lula compared to 32% for Bolsonaro in the first round. In a possible ballot, Lula would be elected by 51% of the votes against 35% for Bolsonaro, a difference of 16 points.

The survey said the 57% of Brazilians disapprove of the way Bolsonaro governs the country, while 37% approve.

Even so, Bolsonaro has reduced Lula’s lead in recent weeks by increasing welfare spending for poor Brazilians and pressuring state oil company Petrobras to lower fuel prices, a major factor in rising inflation.

On tuesday night, Lula and Bolsonaro will be in the same roomfor the first time in years, at the inauguration of Supreme Court Judge Alexandre de Moraes to head Brazil’s electoral authority.

Moraes, a critic of the president, has led investigations into fake news being spread by Bolsonaro’s inner circle as a political tool. He is expected to vigorously defend Brazil’s electronic voting system, which Bolsonaro says is vulnerable to fraud.

With information from Reuters and Europa Press.


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