Mau Nieto responds to allegations of sexual abuse;  another woman denounces that the comedian drugged her

The comedian Mauricio Nieto responded on Tuesday to the allegations of sexual abuse made by the producer Melissa Yamel on social networkswhile a second woman, identified as Ximena Moreno, recounted in Twitter having been drugged by Nieto.

In a statement released by his account InstagramNieto assured that he “celebrates” and “supports” the complaints, “but always from the equity of all the parties involved and through the correct instances”.

“There is a big difference between consensual sexual encounters and those that attack people’s sexual freedom; Confusing them causes irreparable damage on a personal, family and work level, affecting a career that I have built over many years and with a lot of effort,” said the comedian.

He assured that he is “calm and willing” so that, if necessary, provide the authorities with the elements he has and that, he says, prove his “full innocence.”

In addition, he warned that “if this is the case”, he will exercise the “necessary legal actions” to defend its integrity.

He thanked the support received from his family, friends and the general public. He said that those who know him know that he is a person who “preaches with values ​​and ideals of integrity”, for which he totally failed. “any conduct that violates the dignity and rights of any person.”

On August 15, the also comedian Melissa Yamel posted a thread of Twitter in which he narrated an alleged sexual abuse that occurred in 2018 inside the establishment “Woko Comedy Club”, a comedy forum that is located on Nuevo León avenue in the Hipódromo Condesa neighborhood and that was recently closed.

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The young woman reported that one night she coincided with Mauricio Nieto, when he premiered his first special on Netflix, so she approached him to tell him that he liked his work. Nieto allegedly invited him several drinks, then he took her by the arm and took her to a bathroom to have non-consensual sex.

“I don’t know how long we were in the bathroom, but What I am sure of is that there was a time when they tried to open the door. He came out of the bathroom first, I remember myself pulling up my leggings. When he left and returned to the bar, he and his friends were no longer there, ”says part of the public complaint in Twitter.

The young woman assured that several people close to the comedian began to offend her, because they said that she was “about to ruin Mauricio’s career” and they described her as “the one who fucked Mau Nieto”.

After the complaint, the Mexico City Attorney General’s Office (FGJCDMX) offered him support and said who sent you a direct message to provide care.

Woman accuses that Mau Nieto drugged her

the tweeter Ximena Moreno She publicly denounced this Tuesday that the comedian drugged her in January 2017 in her apartment, where she had gone with some friends. “The guy put something in my drink when we went out for a smoke,” he said in a Twitter thread.

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“I took a couple of drinks of the gin at the most and we continued talking, how at 29/39 min I felt strange so I went to the bathroom. I tried to relax, my hands were sweaty and I was freaking out, I thought it was getting to me but I had taken very little and it felt different, I suspected that something was not right but it never crossed my mind that someone had drugged me, “he said.

She pointed out that she had never used drugs, so she was very scared and that the comedian “He started laughing that stupid laugh he has when he’s drunk.”

According to Moreno, a friend told him that Mauricio Nieto told him that he had actually wanted to drug him, “as a joke,” but Melissa took the wrong glass. She later saw him at a show and the comedian told her: “Sorry, if I had known that you took it and that you had never taken drugs, I would have told you so you wouldn’t go wrong.”

He assured that when he saw Melissa Yamel’s public complaint, he decided to tell his experience. “This dude can’t keep getting away with it, You cannot continue to have power, influence and access to spaces where you can continue to violate women, you need to take responsibility for your actions and pay the consequences of your immaturity, your misogyny and your inconsistency, “he concluded his thread.

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