NBA: Dennis Rodman will travel to Russia to try to free Brittney Griner |  Tweet

Dennis Rodmanwho helped Michael Jordan to forge the dynasty of the chicago bullsannounced on Saturday that he intends to travel to Russia to press for the release Brittney Grinerwho was recently sentenced to nine years in prison on drug possession charges.

In an interview for NBCnews in a Washington restaurant, and according to information reported by Brand, rodman stated the next:

I got permission to go to Russia to help that girl. I am trying to travel this week.

From traveling to Russia, this It would not be the first time that the five-time NBA champion has participated in diplomacy with a world leader whose relations with the United States have been strained.

In the last decade, the 61-year-old former basketball player has established a relationship with the North Korean leader Kim Jong Un, visiting him on multiple occasions. In addition, she visited Moscow in 2014 and met with the president Vladimir Putin whom he described as “incredible”.

In addition, he appeared on the sidelines of the Meeting between Kim and former President Donald Trump in Singapore in 2018, claiming to have been instrumental in the release of the American Kenneth Bae from North Korea.

To travel to Russia only a Moscow visa is required, however, the Department of State has issued a travel alert advising Americans against traveling to the Asian nation.

Nevertheless, Rodman expressed understanding of the Russian leader despite having a better relationship with Kin Jong Un, commenting “I know Putin too well.”

At the moment, Negotiations for Griner have been ineffective but there is a chance prisoner exchange that they would return the basketball player and another American, Paul Whelanto the United States according to Bill Richardson, former military officer and ambassador to the UN who has participated in previous hostage discussions.

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(With information from US brand)

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