Morena warns that "her hand will not shake" to cut the INE budget once again

Morena’s representative before the National Electoral Institute (INE), deputy Mario Rafael Llergo, assured that his party “Your hand will not shake” to cut the budget again of the body in the Chamber of Deputies.

During the ordinary session of the General Council this Monday, the brunette criticized the approval of the budget request of 14 thousand 437 million requested by the INE for 2023, 11 thousand 769 million pesos of base budget and 4 thousand 25 million for a possible popular consultation.

“In the Chamber of Deputies, Morena and her parliamentary group will exhaustively review the budget that this Institute will present, and have no doubt that the adjustments that need to be made will be made. Morena’s hand will not shake to correct the flat once again “, assured the legislator.

He pointed out that the INE’s Internal Control Body (OIC) has considered it “necessary” for the institute to establish a better methodology for budgeting the resources requested in the base budget, in order to make the process more efficient, effective and transparent, since it represents the majority of the electoral body’s money.

“It is possible to make the institute’s spending even more efficient, The OIC constantly makes observations about the lack of planning and clarity of the budgets that are presented year after year and especially during the evaluations it makes of the performance of the autonomous constitutional body,” he said.

He assured that Morena will focus its attention on the remarks made by the OICto help ensure that the economic resources of the Federation are administered as established in article 134 of the Constitution.

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In response, the president counselor Lorenzo Córdova Vianello stated that once the budget is submitted to the Chamber of Deputies, the body is available to clarify doubts and “maintain a frank dialogue”.

He pointed out that the powers of legislators to define the budget are not denied, but he recalled that they cannot be above the Constitution, so their decisions cannot be “arbitrary and discretionary”.

So while lawmakers can make cuts, “They will have to justify with a reinforced justification” why with the money that they give to the INE, it will be able to fulfill its functions.

In addition, they must “prove publicly” that the institute did not budget well. “In any case, why with the resources granted we will be able to fulfill each and every one of the constitutional functions,” he said.

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