'The test': This is how the new film by Dani de la Orden was shot

    Next September 2, the new film by Dani de la Orden, ‘El test’, will hit theaters. The story is based on the well-known play with the same name, which has been running since 2016 and has been a success with both audiences and critics. Jordi Vallejo wrote the play and is in charge of adapting his writing to film.

    The film raises us a universal debate: What would you choose, one hundred thousand euros now or one million in ten years? The story is starring Miren Ibarguren (‘Mom or Dad’, ‘The Game of Keys’), Alberto San Juan (‘Sentimental’, ‘Kings of the Night’), Carlos Santos (‘Paco’s Men’ and ‘The Man with a Thousand Faces’) and Blanca Suárez (‘The Summer We Lived’, ‘The Girls of the cable’). In addition, it has the participation of Antonio Resines and Luna Fulgencio (‘A todo tren’ and ‘Padre no hay más que uno’). Also, the film participated in the Malaga Film Festival on Saturday, March 19within the Official Competition Section.

    In the story we meet a married couple, Héctor (Santos) and Paula (Ibarguren), who are facing serious economic problems that will be put to the test by their rich friend Toni (San Juan), who will be the one to ask them the big question. But for this, the couple must agree on the choice of him. Héctor wants €100,000 to try to renovate his dilapidated and unprofitable bar and turn it into a successful business. However, Paula prefers to wait for that established time to get that great prize.

    Dani de la Orden, who is also premiering ’42 seconds’, co-directed with Àlex Murrull, is at the forefront of this story. Although he has touched many fronts in his career, the director has extensive experience in romantic comedies. In his career he already has titles such as the two films ‘Barcelona, ​​summer night’ and ‘Barcelona, ​​winter night’, his first two feature films released in 2013 and 2015 respectively. She then she took care of tapes like ‘The proclamation’, ‘The best summer of my life’, ‘Litus’, ‘Until the wedding separates us’, ‘Mom or dad’ or ‘Crazy for her’in addition to several episodes of the successful series ‘Elite’.

    In this preview that we present in FOTOGRAMAS, the actors talk about the experience of working with the young director. San Juan, for example, highlights how he poses the shooting “as a game”, or the ability he has to improvise “not only during the shooting but during the shot”, Ibarguren. Suárez also comments on the level of creativity, and Santos speaks of the “game of alchemy” that he provokes when working.


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