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Despite Warner Bros. Discovery’s interest in saving money, the studio has lost $2.39 billion since Friday.

Warner Bros Discovery has lost more than 2 billion dollars in just three days. To be exact, according to the information released by the companions of Cartoon Cosmic News, the film studio of Harry Potter, DC Comics and company has lost 2.39 billion dollars since last Friday. The astronomical sum comes from losses related to market capitalization and stocks. And maybe it could be related to all the cancellations that have accumulated in recent weeks. After all, that is the great asset of cinema and television: the projects and the audience.

This news comes hand in hand with the discovery that batgirl It has been completely erased, as we have told you this morning. Warner Bros. Discovery has not only canceled the spin-off project of Batman, but it has also ruined a lot of productions that were either in the production phase or were in the process of being developed. Be that as it may, it seems that the decision-making of the new studio executive to minimize losses has achieved the opposite effect. The multi-million dollar loss is aggressive, at least for mortals. We will see how it feels in the directive.

Destroy what you see and don’t be generous… It doesn’t always work out!

The plan of David Zaslav, new president of Warner Bros. Discovery after the business merger, has not gone exactly as he expected. It could be said that he “has backfired”. David Zaslav carried out a strategic reorganization of the contents planned by the previous executive in order to save as much money as possible. In fact, his plans included economic savings of between two and three billion dollars. cancellation of batgirl and other film and television projects, most of them related to hbo max, was focused on reducing study costs. Well… In just three days he has lost the figure he expected to collect with all the cancellations.

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