Bolsonaro will exhibit the heart of the monarch who declared the independence of Brazil

The president of Brazil, Jair Bolsonaro, received this Tuesday at the gates of the Planalto Palace, and under cannon salutes, the heart of Emperor Pedro I, a brief Portuguese monarch who proclaimed the country’s independence 200 years ago.

“Two countries united by history, linked by the heart. two hundred years of independence, an eternity in freedom. God, country, family! Long live Portugal! Long live Brazil!” Bolsonaro shouted during the reception of the heart.

The heart arrived from Porto in a golden urn and was received with military honors after landing at the Brasilia air base.

It is the first time that the organ leaves Portugal and since Thursday will be exhibited at the Ministry of Foreign Affairs until September 5, on the occasion of the commemoration of the 200 years of the independence of Brazil.

On September 8, one day after independence celebrationswill set course again for Portugal, where it will once again be kept in the main room of the Church of the Brotherhood of Lapa, in Porto, where Pedro I requested that it be preserved according to the will left at his death.

Although the arrival of the remains of the monarch Brazilian soil has been endorsed from a technical point of view by the Legal Medical Institute of the University of Porto and politically after a vote in the city’s Municipal Chamber, in Brazil it has generated some controversy due to the risks to the heart and the money invested .

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