Danny DeVito and Phil

We do not imagine another in the role. Since we learned that Disney was preparing a real-action remake of ‘Hercules’, the name of Danny DeVito began to sound like the favorite candidate to play the satyr mentor of the main heroPhil (or Fil, in Spanish), since the character had his voice in the original version of the 1997 classic and his appearance in the film was based on the actor himself.

Now, DeVito has finally ruled on this casting longed for by Disney fans and it turns out that he not only agrees, but also thinks that the studio has to call him to participate in the film yes or yes. It was during the popular section of wired in which guests answer the Internet’s most searched questions about themselves. On whether he will appear in the live action version, DeVito gives the most DeVito answer possible: “I am the live-action Hercules! What do you say? Philoctetes? If they don’t put me in the movie, they don’t have a single hair up their ass.

Although it is between laughs, the actor thus expresses for the first time his interest in returning to the iconic character he brought to life in the 90s. It is practically impossible not to link DeVito with Phil, and not offering him the role could be seen as an unforgivable mistake in the eyes of studio fans. The live-action ‘Hercules’ is currently in development with brothers Joe Russo and Anthony Russo as producers. Guy Ritchie, who already directed the ‘Aladdin’ remake, will direct, with Dave Callaham (‘Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings’) writing the script.

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comedy legend

At 77 years old, Danny DeVito is still as fit and making as many laughs as ever. The actor and director has just released a new animated series, ‘Little Demon’, in which he gives voice to Satan himself, with Aubrey Plaza (‘Parks and Recreation’) as his daughter; Y He will soon be back with Frank Reynolds in the fifteenth season of the irreverent ‘It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia’, the longest-running comedy on American television.

In the cinema, DeVito is preparing to return to one of his most mythical characters, Vincent Benedict, with the late sequel to ‘Twins Strike Twice’, entitled ‘Triplets’, where we will see him again with Arnold Schwarzenegger, who will be joined by Tracy Morgan. Let’s hope he finds a slot in his busy schedule to play Phil again.


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