Prime Minister of Finland defends herself in tears for her controversial party

“I am a human being sometimes I also aspire to joy,” Finnish Prime Minister Sanna Marin said. in defense of the controversial videos and photographs of private parties of the president that were spread through social networks.

During an event organized this past Wednesday by her formation, the Social Democratic Party (SDP), Prime Minister He asked on the verge of tears that he not be judged for his intimate life since he would like people to “value what we politicians do at work instead of what we do in our spare time.”

On the other hand, Sanna Marin also apologized for a photograph taken at her residence last July and published by different Finnish media. In the image you can see two women kissing while exposing their breasts with a sign that says “Finland”.

“I think the photo is inappropriate, I apologize. This photo should not have been taken, “said Marin about the photo that went viral on TikTok after the influencer who appears in the image spread it

It should be noted that the Prime Minister submitted to a drug test to dispel rumors of drug use as the opposition assured since supposedly one of the assistants of the party made comments about the consumption of cocaine.

The Helsinki authorities claim thataccumulate three complaints in relation to the videos of the prime minister at a party, but that no line of investigation will be opened as there is no evidence that the politician committed any crime.

Sanna Marin is the world’s youngest active government leader At only 36 years old and since the end of last year, she has been involved in issues related to going out to parties, after her head of Foreign Affairs tested positive for Covid-19 and she went out to a nightclub without isolating herself.

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