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Alma Guillermoprieto presents the whole life, an anthology that, through some of the best chroniclers in the United States, shows us all the possibilities of the genre. We can only rejoice because it is circulating again the dynamite manthe first work of the Swedish Henning Mankell. let’s go now with stone seaa dystopian novel Aura Garcia-Junco. We close the recommendations with one more delivery of Arsene Lupinone of the legendary villains of literature.

Alma Guillermoprieto. The whole life. Debate. Trad. Margarita Valencia de Lleras and Majel Reyes Quesada. 409 pages

Anthology that shows the vitality of the American chronicle. For the journalist, this volume, which includes people like Sam Quinones, Emily Witt and David Remnick, is the commitment to voices that speak of new topics, or that speak of timeless topics with a new approach and style, or that, in some cases, , simply have achieved reporting prodigies, adhering to the classic rules, in conditions of great difficulty. And I have looked for topics that produce amazement in readers.

Henry Mankell. The dynamite man. Tusquets. Trad. Carmen Montes Cano. 240 pages

The first novel by the Swedish writer is back in circulation. Told through different voices and perspectives, Oskar’s life, with its dreams and hopes, its joys and sorrows, and of course marked by that accident that changed everything, traces not only his destiny, but also a sharp and vibrant image. of the working situation in the first half of the 20th century.

Aura Garcia-Junco. Stone sea. Six Barral. 272 pages

Mexico City, 2025. In a gray, dystopian metropolis, a university professor, a recovering alcoholic, and an angry young woman who denies fate navigate a society that has become accustomed to seeing their fellow men vanish, but in which there are also those who resist. forget.

Maurice Leblanc. Arsene Lupin. The hollow needle. V&R. Trad. Xavier Davila. 319 pages

A coveted riddle has been discovered by Arsène Lupin, the notorious thief of a thousand disguises. But he will have to protect it from a student who could unravel the mystery. Do not stay out of this adventure of the only character who was able to rival Sherlock Holmes.

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