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Making people laugh is not as simple a matter as it may seem. The complexity of voluntarily arousing laughter in a person implies dedication, balance, intelligence and mental and physical acuity, depending on the situation, worthy of mention. For this reason, and let’s start with those who hate the protagonist of a special, perhaps we should have a greater consideration towards the career and figure of Kevin Hart.

Kevin Hart’s Best Comedies

1 ‘The wedding guru’
'The wedding guru'

If we ignore the always controversial dubbing of Florentino Fern├índez, here a defender and admirer, ‘The wedding guru’ would work exactly the same for its ability to make people laugh from the simplest nonsense. There is no complexity, nor is it intended, in the constant search for laughter, it is simply about cheekily copying the template of other similar proposals to extract the most interesting from each of them. And he succeeds. It is true that it is forgotten with the same ease with which it is consumed, but we are talking about a film that leaves a good number of laughs during its viewing.

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two ‘A Spy and a Half’
'A Spy and a Half'

Absolute and unexpected blockbuster in the United States, ‘A Spy and a Half’ worked in an exemplary manner within its limited coordinates thanks to the explosive chemistry between Kevin Hart and a Dwayne Johnson who has rarely been so funny. The way in which their respective ways of understanding and executing comedy were understood and balanced This is what makes the film directed by Rawson Marshall Thurber a proposal above the established average with the rest of similar films released in recent years. Recommendable.

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3 ‘Be dad’
'Be dad'

With surprisingly effective dramatic moments, and in which the actor proves to be more comfortable than one might imagine, ‘Being a father’ contains the most complete interpretation to date of Kevin Hart. Content when the occasion deserves it and unleashed when comedy makes an appearance, the performer is the real engine of this film capable of moving and entertaining with the same simplicity.

4 ‘The Upside’
'The Upside'

Remake of the successful and highly overrated ‘Untouchable’, ‘The Upside’ shares its strengths and weaknesses with it. In the first of the cases, some tricked-out gag and two charismatic leads whose on-screen chemistry is believable from the start, total credit for Kevin Hart and Bryan Cranston admirably committed to their characters. As for the flaws, well, excesses of sugar and a total absence of surprises in the development of its history.

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5 ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle’
'Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle'

When a remake of that essential family classic of the nineties called ‘Jumanji’ was announced, capable of marking several generations of viewers who, to this day, continue to applaud Alan Parrish’s adventures with their ears, the general feeling was divided between fear and curiosity. Perhaps, in fact, it was both. Well, once seen, ‘Jumanji: Welcome to the jungle’ instantly confirmed his status as a notable blockbuster. It is not little in these times for the genre.

The starting point is as silly as it is effective and the original film on which it is based, special effects aside, continues to be a great entertainment for the whole family that this new installment knows how to use with just the right winks. Fortunately, Kevin Hart, again alongside an inspired Dwayne Johnson, is also dedicated to the cause, focusing on respecting and, in a way, reinventing a perfectly recognizable universe, despite the fact that the essence of this sequel is different from the original. by more than eighty percent. In any case, We are facing an exercise in well-understood nostalgia that, in view of its box office results, it is clear that it convinced locals and strangers.

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6 ‘Kevin Hart: What Now?’
'Kevin Hart: What Now?'

Rarely has the talent of the protagonist of this special been reflected in such a forceful way as in ‘Kevin Hart: What Now’. And of course he has a high amount of self-centeredness exercise, but that is not an impediment to enjoying himself to the fullest. a comedian in top form. A hilarious way to get to know and better understand the Hart universe.

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7 ‘The Man from Toronto’
'The Man from Toronto'

Effective both in what corresponds to the action and in its comic aspect, much more present throughout its somewhat stretched 110-minute duration, ‘The man from Toronto’ delivers exactly what it promises: Kevin Hart unleashed, Woody Harrelson with the appearance of improvising each and every one of his lines of dialogue, a list as extensive as it is irregular in jokes and the occasional fast-paced scene. What you see, indeed, is what you get.

8 ‘Go hard’
'Go hard'

Having Will Ferrell and Kevin Hart dedicated to the cause in your team is starting from the beginning with an advantage, especially when it comes to making people laugh. A theory that was demonstrated for the umpteenth time in ‘Hit Hard’, a comedy that has a hard time starting, we have seen presentations of much better characters, of course, but that when he picks up the right speed, he offers a good number of memorable gags.

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An American comedy star capable of turning blockbusters into shows that, in other hands, would have been nothing more than the most obvious platform filler, Hart is a guy with an artistic personality that is as personal as it is non-transferable. His referents are there and denying them would be an absurd exercise in ignoring the evidence, but has been able to convert its resources into a personal seal. And that entails another merit to add to the list.

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For this reason, despite not having great films in his career, it is nice to return to these eight proposals in which we find the best possible version of Kevin Hart. Even if you’re on the naysayers team, give it a try with one of these works, the miracle may become a reality based on resounding laughter. And that’s what it’s about.


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