Edomex: Three people are murdered at a gas station in Naucalpan |  Video

Three men were murdered this Saturday at a gas station in the Loma Linda neighborhoodon the Naucalpan-Toluca highway, in a direct attack by armed individuals who shot at him.

According to the first versions, the men were motorcyclists and they were gathered in the place with more people, who would participate in a roll.

After the detonations, the other people who were in the place fled due to fear of the events that occurred.

However, a second version suggests that the men shot were suspected assailants trying to rob the gas station and who died after a gunfight with state police.

However, the authorities have not yet issued an official statement confirm or deny the versions.

Elements of the National Guard, as well as state and municipal police cordoned off the area and, initially, closed up to six nearby gas stations as a precautionary measure.

Agents of the Mexican Prosecutor’s Office collected about 30 shell casings at the scene, with which they began the investigations to determine what happened. The bodies were taken to the Forensic Medical Service, where they will undergo a necropsy according to law.


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