Falls 'El Roca', alleged head of the CJNG plaza in Tenancingo, State of Mexico

The Attorney General of the State of Mexico reported the capture of Jorge ‘N’, aka “The Rock”, alleged plaza boss of the Jalisco New Generation Cartel (CJNG) in the municipality of Tenancingo.

In a statement, he explained that the capture was achieved in a joint action with the state Security Secretariat. He explained that as part of an investigation initiated by the institution, state elements deployed an operation in the El Salto neighborhood, where the subject was identified and detained. after he presumably fired a firearm on public roads.

The Prosecutor’s Office explained that after carrying out a review, wrappers and a bag with a granulated substance with the characteristics of methamphetamine, a 9 mm caliber firearm and a motorcycle without license plates were seized. In addition, he pointed out that “El Roca” had offered money to the agents in exchange for not being arrested.

After his arrest, he was presented before the agent of the Public Ministry, who is part of the investigation for the crimes of firearm shot and dangerous attack on health in its form of drug dealing for supply purposes, as well as bribery.

The Prosecutor’s Office assured that it has indications that Jorge “N” was the plaza boss in Tenancingo of a criminal cell from Jalisco, dedicated to the control of drug distribution in the region.

He pointed out that he is investigating his possible participation in other criminal acts and He made a call to the citizens so that, in case of identifying the subject, they denounce him.


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