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    Season 4 of ‘Stranger Things’, one of the best Netflix series in 2022, was very long, with nine episodes, including the finale that lasted two and a half hours. A ‘Stranger Things 4’ ending inspired by ‘Star Wars,’ by the way.

    Previously the creators of ‘Stranger Things’, Matt and Ross Duffer, have confirmed that ‘Stranger Things’ season 5 won’t be as long as its predecessor and now we know how many episodes it will consist of.

    In Twitter The writers of ‘Stranger Things’ shared a photo of the planning of the final season, with eight episodes on the board, captioning it as: “Grid Stage”.

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    Fans were quick to point out the double line between episodes four and five and if this meant there would be a time jump or an important event (hopefully it’s the ‘Stranger Things 5’ theory that would bring Eddie back), but those responsible didn’t reveal anything.

    “It’s not a time jump. Does it mean something?” [emoji de pensamiento]They answered mysteriously.

    When talking about the duration of the last season to The Hollywood Reporter Earlier this month, Matt Duffer said, “I don’t think the lengths will be that extreme in season five. We’re trying to return to the simplicity of the structure of the first seasonwith greater scale and scope.” If you get lost, here’s the complete ‘Stranger Things’ timeline from 1959 to 1986.

    However, he insisted that there will be a exception for him final episodewhich predicts that it will be “pretty massive”.


    “The length of the season was a surprise to us,” Matt explained. “Ross and I have tried to analyze how they ended up being such long episodes, because the scripts aren’t even that long.”

    “We’ve noticed that our writing style has changed a little bit in terms of how we space descriptions. I think that’s added more travel. Also, we had an additional storyline with Hopper in Russia. It’s a pretty dense season. We weren’t sure it was that long, actually, until we got into editing.” And that ‘Stranger Things 4’ does not use one of its best characters.

    The scriptwriter then highlighted that one of the advantages of having a series on a streaming service streaming is that you don’t have to stick to a specific length for each episode: “You’re not beholden to advertisers like you used to be with television,” Matt explained.

    We still don’t have an official premiere date for the fifth and final season of ‘Stranger Things’, but at least we know that they are working hard on it.

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