He is suspected of being involved in the massacre of 12 people in Celaya

The Attorney General of the State of Guanajuato reported the arrest of another suspect involved in the massacre of 12 people, perpetrated in the municipality of Celaya on May 23.

the arrest of Gustavo Guadalupe ‘N’ was the result of work by the Criminal Investigation Agency (AIC), and proceeds after the arrest of Juan Carlos “’N’, aka El Bengala; Erick Guadalupe ‘N’, alias El Erizo, and José Ángel ‘N’, alias El Chaparro.

The four detainees are accused of firing firearms at diners who were inside the restaurant.Gala hotel restaurant baras well as causing a fire in the establishment, causing the death of 12 persons, eight men and two women.

The narrative of these events refers to the fact that, around 9:00 p.m. on May 23, armed individuals arrived at the building on Azalea Street, in the Valle Hermoso neighborhood, where the hotel is located, aboard a vehicle driven by the accused.

Gustavo Guadalupe ‘N’ is accused of murder of those who were in the Bar (qualified homicide) and of participating in the burning of the premises (fire damage).

During a hearing for completion of the arrest warrant, he was linked to criminal proceedings for both crimes, reported the State Prosecutor’s Office.

Days after the attack, the Secretary of Citizen Security of Celaya, Jesús Rivera Peralta, attributed the violent act to a reckoning inside a local criminal group.


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