Residents attack reporters with sticks and machetes in the Oaxaca Congress |  Video

Oaxaca, Oax.- This Wednesday afternoon, after concluding a press conference at the facilities of the local Congress of Oaxaca, two reporters were attacked by residents of Santa Inés del Montebelonging to the municipality of Zaachila.

The attack occurred at the entrance to door number 3 of the state Congress, when a group of at least 15 residents He prevented the communicators from leaving, and later insulted and attacked them.

The reporters attacked were Mario Romero, reporter for the TV Bus Channel and Álvaro Cuitláhuac López, owner of the portal Oaxaca, who after an hour and a half could be released.

“They hit me in the back with one of the sticks they brought and threw me to the ground, my hands are scraped,” Mario Romero said.

The Oaxacan reporter lamented the lack of attention and help from the congressmen, who had invited them to the press conference, but left them adrift when the attacks began.

Not a single deputy came to help us, nor did the police and much less the justice authorities, the people freed us when they wanted, after beating us.

He added that they were threatened with a machete. “For an hour and a half we were asking to be let out, some of our colleagues were able to dodge them and left, but they gave us a tremendous beating.”

This is the second time that reporter Mario Romero has been attacked. He pointed out that he will not file a complaint, because in the first attack that occurred last year he did it before the Oaxaca Prosecutor’s Office and to date there is no follow-up on his case.

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Through a statement, the group of journalists called “Journalism at risk Oaxaca” He condemned the attacks against colleagues.

“We condemn and regret the events that occurred this Wednesday, August 31, at one of the entrances to the Oaxaca State Congress located in San Raymundo Jalpan, where two fellow journalists were attacked and beaten by protesters from Santa Inés del Monte.”

They condemned the lack of solidarity of the legislators, who summoned the press and in the face of this aggression did not show any type of support.

“We demand that the Oaxaca State Attorney General’s Office really provide the attention and follow-up that is required for this and other cases that continue in complete impunity,” they demanded.

They reiterated their solidarity with all the comrades who have been attacked and reminded them that they are not alone.

We are going to continue demanding justice and security for the journalistic union.

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