First image of Eddie Murphy on the set of 'Super detective in Hollywood 4'

    Agent Axel Foley is back on duty on the streets of beverly hills. Eddie Murphy, the actor who gives him life, has appeared in some images from the filming of ‘Hollywood Super Detective: Axel Foley‘, the new sequel to the legendary 1984 film, which will hit the Netflix movie catalog.

    Almost 40 years after the premiere of ‘Super detective in Hollywood’, one of the best action movies in history, and which catapulted Murphy to international fame, comes the new and fourth film in the saga. It will follow the adventures of the now veteran detective in the neighborhoods of Los Angeles. This first approach to fiction shows Murphy wearing the popular sports jacket of the Detroit Lionswhich characterizes his character.

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    As reported dead line, Joseph Gordon-Levitt Y Taylor Paige will join in the fourth premiere of the saga, although his papers have not been revealed yet. will lead the project Mark Malloywith script of Will Beall. Additionally, Murphy, Jerry Bruckheimer and Chad Oman will produce the film.

    This premiere comes after years of delays and cancellations of the tape. There were several directors who joined and left the production. Another big turn was the transfer of the project from Paramount to Netflix in 2019.

    That production is finally underway, we can assume, is a good sign. Eddie Murphy had stated on multiple occasions that he would not join a sequel to the film unless there was a solid, quality script. Maybe the long wait was worth it.

    As long as the script is solid, I’ll make the movie, but I won’t do anything until the script is good.” declared Murphy. “Right now, there is a draft script, but that’s it. We’ve been trying to make ‘Hollywood detective 4’ for over 10 years and this time it’s the closest we’ve come..”

    We have smart directors who are ready to go, and we have good ideas. It also seems that we will have the producer of the original film, Jerry Bruckheimer.” he concluded.

    His predictions seem correct, and something must have developed very well because Axel Foley is finally back. If things continue to go well, we will be able to enjoy the witty and funny adventures of the policeman in Los Angeles very soon.

    ‘Hollywood Detective’, ‘Hollywood Detective II’ and ‘Hollywood Detective III’ are available at streaming on Amazon Prime Video and Apple TV+.


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