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Kevin Feige’s plan with the X-Men has cost Marvel Studios a lot of money. This new information is very surprising.

during the convention Steel City of Pennsylvania, the writer and developer of X-Men: The Animated Series, Eric Lewaldhas explained the difficulty it has meant for Marvel Studios obtain the rights to use the original theme music of the animated show. This issue was included in the plans of Kevin Feig with the mutants in the UCM. has already sounded in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness. It also sounded at the big reveal of kamala khan at the end of his television series.

Eric Lewald has revealed that the rights to the song were “all over the place” due to a second party also owning them. That means Marvel Studios had to review them in order to purchase the song. The producer of X Men he’s sure this has cost the studio a lot of money. However, President Kevin Feige and other executives had no problem using it in the two products we’ve mentioned. Therefore, they clearly bet when making the investment.

“The theme song for X-Men: The Animated Series wasn’t necessarily a done deal when they were producing the new series. Rights were everywhere. I think a secondary person had the rights to the music. So they had to negotiate with that person. Obviously, you can’t do the series without that song. But the guy who was selling it knew it too. So I’m sure they paid a pretty high price for the rights.”

Once he got the rights to the X-Men song, Kevin Feige quickly wanted to use it as a musical part in the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

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A song that has cost more than imagined

In an interview given to TheWrap at the end of July, the directors of Ms Marvel, bilall fallah Y Adil El Arbi, revealed that Kevin Feige specifically requested the use of the X-Men song. He wanted to use her for the big reveal that Kamala Khan is a mutant. The two directors didn’t even get an answer as to why they should use it. But they were asked to do so. They were excited to see the future of Kamala Khan, although they did not know the exact reasons.

“To begin with, it was the last thing we read. So that was the best kept secret of the series. No one knew until we read the latest version of the script. And all of a sudden, it was like… oh my God! Then we asked the producers about it and they didn’t give us any answer. So Kevin Feige told us, ‘Just record this, add the music and that’s it.’ We can only hope to be a part of Ms. Marvel’s future, because it would be great to do something with an X-Men flavor.”


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