'The House of the Dragon'

‘The House of the Dragon’, the new HBO Max series, is breaking records with the premiere of its first two chapters. However, one of the people responsible for this success achieved by the ‘Game of Thrones’ prequel, Miguel Sapochnik, has announced through a statement that he is leaving his position as showrunner of the series for the second season. It will continue to work with HBO, maintaining a preference agreement, through which the famous streaming platform will have priority to choose its projects in development.

Working on the ‘Game of Thrones’ universe for the last few years has been an honor and a privilege.especially spending the last two with the amazing cast and crew of ‘House of the Dragon’. I am very proud of what we have achieved with the first season and I am very happy with the enthusiastic reaction of our viewers.. It’s been incredibly difficult to decide to move on, but I know it’s the right decision for me, personally and professionally. In doing so, however, I am deeply comforted to know that Alan will be joining the series. He is someone I have known and respected for a long time, and I think this beautiful series could not be in better hands. I am very happy to continue being part of the HBO family and of ‘The House of the Dragon’ and, of course, I wish Ryan and his team success and all the best with season two and beyond..

Sapochnik shared the creation of this first season with Ryan Condal, who will remain as the only showrunner of the series.. In turn, he directed the pilot episode of ‘The House of the Dragon’, in addition to doing so with some of the most emblematic installments of ‘Game of Thrones’, such as ‘The Battle of the Bastards’ or ‘Austere House’. As reported The Hollywood Reporter in exclusive, the abandonment is due to three grueling years to get this new production up and running. However, as Sapochnik himself has already mentioned in his statement, the arrival of Alan Taylor (‘Thor: The Dark World’) as director and executive producer for the next season has been confirmed.

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Alan Taylor is another ‘Game of Thrones’ veteran

Winner of an Emmy, Taylor directed up to seven chapters of the successful series based on the books by George RR Martin, in addition to doing so in key episodes of series such as ‘The Sopranos’ or ‘Mad Men’. On this occasion, returns to Westeros as CEO and to direct several installments of the second season of the Targaryen story.

It is a pleasure and an honor to be back at HBO, immersing myself in the world of the Targaryens. I’m looking forward to working closely with Ryan as ‘House of the Dragon’ grows into its second season. Ryan, Miguel and George have created an extraordinary story, in a rich and fascinating world. Returning to Westeros will be a huge task, and I am looking forward to the challenge.Taylor said in a statement.


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