Woman recounts tattoo removal with scalpel to enter the Navy and sexual harassment in the National Guard

the young Karla Narvalles reported on social networks that to enter the Secretary of the Navy (SEMAR) was forced to remove a tattoo with a scalpel and was later transferred to the National Guardwhere he began to suffer sexual harassment by a commander at the beginning of this year.

In a long post on Instagram Y Twitterthe young woman recounted her experience in these two security corporations.

Those who know me socially know all the efforts and sacrifices I made to belong to SEMAR, which included removing a tattoo with a scalpel that I do it with my mom, which had a lot of meaning for both of us, simply because they didn’t let me go in with him even though I came out in perfect condition in all my tests and exams, I accepted your rules.

Shortly after entering the Navy, the young woman was transferred to the National Guard, the security body created by the current Mexican president.

It did not last long to have entered the Secretary of the Navy because they commissioned me without asking the GN, and like many others they sent me away from home and my parents, despite that I never stopped wanting it because my vocation was always that , and many of those who know me know it.

Credit: @NarvallesK

The young woman does appear as part of the Secretary of the Navy in the portal of Public Servants of the federal government, and according to the available information, she was registered in the corporation on January 19, 2020, according to a review made by this medium.

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My years of service were the best until a commander decided to sexually harass me every day during the months of February to March of this year (2022). I requested my vacation and started psychological therapy because this person was putting too much pressure on me by abusing his authority.

I decided to take a leave of absence from my work at the end of my vacation, but not before making a report/complaint explaining my entire situation in detail. Without boring you any more with my text: I already made the corresponding complaints.

The young woman reported that although she has filed complaints about the harassment, her colleagues and institutions have not supported her.

I have only received “recommendations” that I should go to military prison for being absent from my work to serve a sentence of one to three months, despite the fact that I justified my absence accordingly. Nobody has done anything to support me, despite having gone to all the corresponding instances, I have my report/complaint with many stamps of “received” but none of; “Here we are going to support you”. They have even been “throwing the ball” between SEMAR and GN. My advice to all of this is: If your desire is to enter these institutions, it is not worth it.

In a last tweet, Karla Narvalles said:

Nobody will see the effort you have made to be there, and they will always agree with the harasser and the harasser just because they have a degree. They are supposed to take care of the citizens but they have the enemy within their battalions and bases. #SEMAR #National Guard

In her tweet thread, the young woman also showed images of the scars that remained from having to remove the tattoo to join the National Guard; her tattoo was of a mother hugging her baby.

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