Book in tribute to James Joyce will be presented

After the success of his current exhibition entitled Adsum. author booksthe editor and artist Ximena Perez Grobet will present its facsimile edition of the unique work Finnegans Wakeof James Joyce.

The event will be held within the framework of the exhibition that the graphic artist is currently presenting at the Gallery 526 of the Mexican Culture Seminarwhich consists of more than 20 pieces, among which this facsimile edition of the unique work Finnegans Wake stands out, woven by herself in a project entitled Reading Finnegans Wake which includes a unique and original copy of the book written by James Joyce, woven in 4 volumes inside a cloth case, a 6-minute video where the artist is seen during the weaving process and a facsimile edition of the book with a print run of 300 copies printed in offset, inside a slipcase, which are numbered and signed by the artist.

The quote is the Saturday, September 3 at 12:00 p.m. and will accompany the author Martha Hellion, Sol Henaro, Javier García Galeano and Felipe Leal.

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