Fourth Report |  'Our hallmark is to improve the living and working conditions of the majority of the population': AMLO

“There is no doubt that the main hallmark of the government that I lead and that I coordinate with the support of all of you public servants are the Welfare programs aimed at improving living and working conditions of the majority of the population and whose priority, without a doubt, is the poor,” said President Andrés Manuel López Obrador.

during his Fourth Government Report From the National Palace, the federal president highlighted that economic support programs have benefited minors, youth and older adults in the country.

“The pension program already benefits 10,500,000 older adults. A million girls and boys with disabilities receive their pension, and it is already being extended to other ages with the conclusion of agreements with state governments,” said López Obrador.

He added that scholarships are granted to 11 million students from Preschool to Postgraduate and that 2 million 315 thousand young people have worked as apprentices receiving an income equivalent to a minimum wage.

Of all of them, half finishing their training are hired by companies in which the tutoring was exercised.

In educational matters, the head of the Federal Executive stressed that after the pandemic it has returned to normal.

“My respect to the teachers of Mexico, they are truly apostles of teaching and that is why serving them is an unavoidable commitment. I know wages increased more for those who earn less. And 650,000 education workers have been basified.”

He stressed that during his government There has been no strike and the teachers have not stopped teaching.

President López Obrador pointed out that since the Secretary of National Defense (Sedena) and the Secretary of the Navy (Semar) are in charge of customs no leaks, no contraband.

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“Since the customs are in charge of the Sedena and the Navy, there has been a 20% increase in income, we are already collecting a billion pesos at customs, there are no leaks, and smuggling is not allowed.”

Regarding customs, López Obrador pointed out that more than 80 billion pesos -to be executed in 2022 and 2023- will be allocated to the strengthening of the 19 located on the northern border, two on the southern border, and 16 ports.

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