They arrest a man for pointing a gun at Cristina Kirchner;  he is brazilian |  Videos

The Argentine authorities arrested the man who allegedly attacked the Vice President, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, in the vicinity of your home.

The government of the South American country confirmed that the detained person is a 35-year-old man of Brazilian origin and with a record for illegal possession of weapons, previously arrested last March, reported ‘Clarín’.

The attack happened on Thursday night, when the subject pointed a gun at the head of Cristina Kirchner, the official was uninjured, since the gun did not fire any shots.

According to local media images, the incident occurred at the entrance to Fernández de Kirchner’s house in Buenos Aires, where hundreds of protesters have been gathering for days to support the vice president in the middle of a trial that follows him for corruption.

The Argentine Security Minister, Aníbal Fernández, reported that Cristina Kirchner’s attacker would be Fernando Andres Sabag Montiela Brazilian of 35 years.

He has a criminal record for carrying a weapon in 2021. According to the ClarionOn that occasion he was arrested with a knife in his possession and declared that it was for his personal defense.

The Argentine media indicated that Sabag Montiel is registered as dedicated to the “service of urban automotive transport and non-regular suburban passenger free offer; except through taxis and remises, car rental with driver and school transportation”, a category that corresponds to car drivers requested by applications. He has a Chevrolet Prisma car registered. (Europe Press and Reuters)

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